Course curriculum

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    Start Here

    • Disclaimer

    • Contacting Samantha

    • When To See a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

    • Important Feedback from Your Deep Core System

    • The Adaptive-Being Principle and What It Means for Your Wellness Journey

    • Seven Little-Known Variables Influencing Prenatal & Postpartum Core Function

    • Core Training Stairway Overview

  • 2

    The Restorative Nourishment Framework (for pregnancy and early postpartum)

    • Nine Principles

    • Ingredients to Favor: Grocery Guide

    • Mealtime Rhythm Worksheet

    • Adrenal Cocktail Recipe

    • Sipping Broth Recipe

    • Raw Carrot Salad Recipe

  • 3

    Core Training Stairway: Step 1

    • Introduction

    • Progress-Stunting Breathing Habits, and Why It Is Essential For Us to Address How Well You're Using Your Diaphragm

    • Get to Know Your Responsive, Dynamic Deep Core System (3D Animation)

    • Re-Calibrate Your Deep Core System with Your Breath with Dr. Kelsey Beach, DPT

    • Posture Lab - COMING SOON

  • 4

    Step 1 Continued: Deep-Core-Revitalizing Releases That Feel SO Good

    • How to Use This Section

    • Seated Pelvic Tilts

    • Front Crawl Strokes

    • Cat-Cow

    • Pelvic-Rock-Back

    • Hip Circles

    • Spiderman Rock (Not Prenatal)

    • Crescent Moon

    • Thoracic Rotation and Reach

    • Thoracic Cat-Cow

    • Open Book

    • 90/90

    • Supported Hip Airplanes (Not Prenatal) - COMING SOON

    • Pelvic-Rock-Back with Internal Rotation - COMING SOON

    • Deep Squat

    • Split Stance to Half Kneel Rock (Not Prenatal)

  • 5

    Core Training Stairway: Step 2

    • The Floor of Your Core: Your Pelvic Floor

    • The Kegel Fallacy and Little-Known, Super-Important Secrets About Pelvic Floors

    • Consciously Connecting with the Muscles of Your Pelvic Floor (Part I) with Dr. Kelsey Beach, DPT

    • Consciously Connecting with the Muscles of Your Pelvic Floor (Part II) with Dr. Kelsey Beach, DPT

  • 6

    Core Training Stairway: Step 3

    • Transversus Abdominis with Dr. Kelsey Beach, DPT

  • 7

    Core Training Stairway: Step 4

    • Putting It All Together with the Deep-Core-Connected Breath (Video A) with Dr. Kelsey Beach, DPT

    • Putting It All Together with the Deep-Core-Connected Breath (Video B)

  • 8

    Core Training Stairway: Step 5

    • Exercise A: Supine Wipers with Deep Core Connection

    • Exercise B: Supine Marching with Deep Core Connection

    • Troubleshooting

  • 9

    BONUS MODULE: Engaging Your Core During Exercise and Life

    • Objective

    • The Benefits of Deep Core Connected Breathing (DCCB) as a Core Engagement Strategy

    • Zooming Out to See Your Core Through a New Lens

    • Common Core-Engagement Mistakes

    • Three DCCB-Based Core Engagement Strategies for Daily Life and Physical Activity

    • The FLOAT Core Response Check-In for Exercise and Activities of Daily Living

    • Exercise & Movement Modification Framework (For When You Experience Symptoms)

  • 10

    BONUS MODULE: Creating Healing Beneath Your C-Section Scar with Dr. Addie Long, DPT

    • C-Section Scar Desensitization

    • C-Section Scar Mobilization

  • 11

    BONUS MODULE: The Truth No One Told You About Diastasis Rectus Abdominis

    • Demystifying DRA (Part I)

    • Demystifying DRA (Part II)

    • DRA Self-Check